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10573 Colerain Rd
St. Marys, Georgia


(912) 322-0300


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Helping animals in need

Rascal Rescue


A Little About Us

  • Transportation to First Coast No More Homeless Pets  for spray and neutering of pets​

  • Placing unwanted pets with new owners

  • Fostering animals between homes

  • T&R: Trap, spray/neuter, release of feral cats​

  • We can always use any donations to help with the above programs including helping to cover vet costs for families that cannot afford it. If you'd like to donate please get in touch or paypal.

  • Not sure you want to donate through paypal? We have yard sales to raise funds, too! Check our facebook page for upcoming sales and stop by to help these animals. THANK YOU!

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Young to Senior dogs and cats

Other Fosters

Adult Cats

Looking for a laid back adult cat? We have many loving cats that have been abandoned and are ready for a new home.

Adults & Seniors

 If you are looking for an adult or a loving senior animal please get in contact with us. We want each and every pet to go to a loving home. If you can't adopt consider fostering or donating to our cause.


Cadbury was shot and left for dead but this guy is a fighter. He is ready for a home that is ready for him! He loves to play but needs someone to guide him on the adventure of life. He would love a fenced in yard (as he loves to hunt lizards) and he would be great with adults and older children. Please consider giving him a chance!


Contact Us

10573 Colerain Rd
St. Marys, Georgia

(912) 322-0300